Blue Celtic Leather Blank Book

Blue Celtic Leather Blank Book
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Featuring hand-tooled leatherworking that you can lose yourself in for hours, the Blue Celtic leather blank book is intricately worked with complex patterns of knots, Triquetras, and spirals deeply rooted within Celtic traditions. Follow the patterns and grow mesmerized in the intricacies that can leave you drifting into a meditative trance all too readily. The leather, dyed a rich blue coloring, features a corded binding with the pages within, and a leather thong that can be coiled around the book to hold its cover securely shut.

Within you'll find approximately 250 pages of the highest quality acid-free white paper, created entirely from recycled biomass to provide you with soft, sturdy pages that will just as easily take pencil as they will ink. Measuring 7" high, 5" wide, and 1 3/4" thick the Blue Celtic Leather Blank Book is a wonderful place for you to pen your musings as a journal, book of shadows, or other such diary.

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