Black Soapstone Mortar Pestle Set

Black Soapstone Mortar Pestle Set
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  • Item #: LM336

Sculpted from solid soapstone, this black mortar and pestle set is the perfect whether you are blending ingredients for your ritual and alchemical spellcasting or simple blending herbs for your herbal remedies. Measuring approximately 4" wide and 4" high, the mortar has a wide, deep basin (2 1/2" deep) that allows you to work with a substantial amount of material at once. The pestle, measuring approximately 4" long, has a short, stout shape that fits comfortable in your palm, and allows it to easily grind and blend materials within the deep mortar.

Aside from these practical functions, its elegant design appears almost like an urn, making it a beautiful addition to the altar or kitchen as well as a wonderfully functional tool

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