Cast Iron Mortar and Pestle set

Cast Iron Cauldron Mortar and Pestle Set
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Created in the same style of a cast iron cauldron, this mortar and pestle set is a witchy way to bring herbs and minerals into your spell mixes and blends. Resting upon three small legs, the cauldron rise up to a height of 2" and a diameter width of 4 1/2" where the carrying handle meets the mouths' brim. The mouth of the mortar itself measures approximately 3" in diameter, goes to a depth of 1 1/2", making use of almost the entire space of the cauldron and allowing it contain a great deal of material. The pestle measures about 4" in length and fits comfortable to your hand. Also made of cast iron, its weight will help do much of the work for you and its durability will help you grind many of the toughest materials. Together, it makes for a great piece symbolic of rebirth and change in which you can create your spell mixes or even burn incense if you so desired.

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