Celtic Knot Mortar and Pestle Set

Celtic Knot Mortar and Pestle Set
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Wonderfully carved of stone, this mortar and pestle presents a wonderful design that is perfect for lovers of Celtic imagery and seek to incorporate its beauty on their altar, or otherwise enjoy its presence as they work with herbs and minerals, whether they are delving into homeopathic remedies or the arts of alchemy. With a traditional mortar and pestle shape, it has a black surface, carved to present a patterned design at its base that accents the band of Celtic Knotwork that wraps around it; imagery that is highlighted as well by the carved design encircling the mortar's rim. This carved design leaves exposed the stone's inner, grey coloring that truly makes it stand out as a beautiful and functional creation. Sitting approximately 3" in diameter at its widest point with a 2 1/4" base, this mortar and pestle is intended to work with small amounts of material at once, and is perfect for those without much storage space for their craft.

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