Dynamic Sun Energy Ritual Candle

Dynamic Sun Energy Ritual Candle
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Made from an 8" tall hand-dipped candle, the Dynamic Sun Energy Ritual candle has been charged, anointed, and inscribed with Theban script, or Witches' Runes, by a powerful with to aid you in bringing the sun into all things, awakening the world around you with the energy of the life giver. Before you light the candle for the first time, focus your will entirely upon it, visualizing the sun energy within you being woven in and all around the candle. Let your mind fill with an awareness of the candle flame as a beacon, calling out to the power and heat of the sun. As the candle burns down to its base, keep your thoughts set upon the sun within all things. You may choose to let the candle burn down completely at one time as it releases your ritually strengthened thoughts into the universe, or you can light and concentrate upon the candle 3 days in a row, making sure to snuff the candle at the end of each session, rather than blowing it out.

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