The following meditations ar courtesy of Mary and Richard Maddox of Heart of Healing. We'd liked to thank them for these wonderful  downloadable mp3 audios.

Podcast Episodes - Click on the title below to listen  

Relaxation Break: Guided Meditation with Music. Enjoy this meditation anytime you need a deeply relaxing break.

Body Awareness Meditation   Enjoy this meditation anytime you need a deeply relaxing break.

Accessing Intuition  This meditation guides you beyond thought and emotion to a place of inner knowing. Helpful for making decisions and finding clarity. Use it to develop your intuition. 

 Breath Awareness Meditation   Enjoy this meditation for its soothing, calming effect.  Once you become accustomed to this process, you can do it anytime on your own.  

 Music for Meditation and Relaxation  In response to requests, this is a track of music alone. Use this while you do your own meditation or as a background as your work or relax. You can also use this music as a meditation by sitting or lying down with your eyes closed and easily focusing on the music. Your mind will wander from the music — that’s fine — just easily bring it back to the music.  

Stillness of the Breath Meditation  Use this meditation to experience silence within. This is a more advanced meditation version of the Breath Awareness Meditation. You may need to work with the Breath Awareness Meditation before trying this one.

 Going Deep Within   Given the opportunity, it’s natural for the mind to settle down. This meditation will help you to become aware of this natural tendency and allow it to take you “deep within”. It’s a somewhat advanced meditation in that the awareness has to be settled enough to notice that natural inward movement. Using some of the other guided meditations can help prepare you for this one.  

Chakra Meditation   Our attention is like a beam of energy. When we direct our awareness to any area of the body, it is enlivened by that energy. This very simple chakra meditation uses this principle to enhance and balance the flow of energy in the body.  

 Nature Attunement  Strengthening our connection with the earth and nature nourishes body, mind and spirit. This meditation brings much of the benefit of time spent in nature to us wherever we are

Letting Go  This meditation is designed to help you flow more easily with life. It involves letting go of resistance to what is naturally happening, as well as letting go of the attempt to manipulate what is happening. Letting go creates more ease in living.   

 Beyond Pain  This meditation helps relieve the suffering that comes with pain. It brings about a state in which pain is transcended to reveal peace within.  



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